Homemade Wire Spool Holder

Wire Spooler 3 I recently made a visit to Al Lasher's Electronics, an establishment that has been in Berkeley for over 50 years and has virtually *everything* an electronics DIYer needs. While I was there I picked up some four-foot long strips of heat shrink tubing, and figured I should buy spools of wire to match the colors. Until recently, I'd been storing my wire spools on a rope hung from a hook on my workshop wall, but it wasn't an ideal situation. The spools would come undone and often become a tangled mess. This spurred me to make a simple wire spool holder out of just some scrap wood and wooden dowel. One end of the side wall has a hole to receive the dowel. Wire Spooler 1 And the other end has a slot to make the dowel removable. I made the slot by running a spade bit through the wood a few times, then chiseled out the excess bits. Works like a charm so far. It's always a good thing to put some work in to streamline the building process. Wire Spooler 2

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