Making Candles from Scrap Wax

Some of you may remember how my wife Melody and I had to scrape through 4 days without electricity last winter when we lived in our cottage.

Of course we busted out every last candle in the house and used up nearly all of them too! As you know, sometimes candles come in a nice little all-encompassing jar that catches and burns nearly all the wax. Then there are others that don't have receptacles, and can end up making an unholy mess, terminating their lives as frozen, gelatinous blobs that get tossed in the trash.

I've hung on to all that leftover wax and recently melted it all down to make a new candle with it!

Here's the scrap wax I started with.
Making a Candle from Scrap Wax

Then I put it all in a standard aluminum can and set it on the stove to melt.
Making a Candle from Scrap Wax

I hung a piece of cotton string in the liquid wax.
Making a Candle from Scrap Wax

When it had solidified (this takes several hours) I cut the can open with a hacksaw.
Making a Candle from Scrap Wax

Now I have a beautiful, fragrant, candle!
Making a Candle from Scrap Wax

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