Presenting the Magnetotron

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of old media, especially audio cassette tapes. This will be the realization of an idea I've had for a while, which is to make a musical instrument using tape. A rotating cylinder containing strips of tape with different tones on them will be played by tape heads attached to my fingers. Check out my NIME proposal on Prezi and this nifty hand-drawn pic of the concept.
magnetotron sketch


  1. Nice. You should check out Scratch (docu). They make vinyl records similar to what you're describing for dj's. Imagine a record with horn octaves. Kid Kaola makes classical compositions on vinyl.

  2. Another antecedant is Laurie Anderson's Tape-bow violin.

  3. Yes - I'm familiar with Laurie Anderson's device - it's great! I hope to soon be able to play the Magnetotron as well as she plays the tape-bow violin.


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