Repairing a Vintage Hohner Harmonica Case

My Grandfather bought a Hohner Chromonika while serving in World War II (ironically, a German brand). When I was a child I had my own little blues harp, and seeing that I had an interest in it, he gave me his harmonica, in a lovely finger-jointed wood box.

Being a child at the time, I was a bit rough on the whole kit, and the box ended up broken with a couple of the pieces lost. I took the time recently to fabricate new finger-jointed pieces, and attach a new pair of hinges. Here's how the build went:


The Harmonica Case and the blank I cut from scrap stock.


I used the dremel to cut out the finger joints, after scrolling the existing joints on the box. Some adjustments were necessary to get a tight fit.


The joints were attached with wood glue, and clamped for drying.


I jacked these hinges off a box that I hardly use. They're pretty weathered, and a decent fit.



I'm happy with the results, and glad I was able to try this detail work with the dremel.

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