Lots of Projects and Adventures on the Horizon

Pretty soon I will be updating with a post on my fabulous DIY wedding, taking place this coming weekend. My fiancee have been working hard on a celebration that shall be replete with hand-painted birdhouses as centerpieces, yard sale dinnerware, a swingin' crowdsourced band, and all sorts of other goodies.

Following that, we'll be leaving our fair cottage in the country and moving into an apartment in Brooklyn for my first semester at NYU's ITP program. It's a fantastic graduate school, which can name the founders of ethernet and 4square as alumnus, along with professors such as Clay Shirky, and Tom Igoe of Make: Magazine.

Speaking of Make: Magazine, I hope I'll be seeing some of you at the first ever NYC Maker Faire. It's in Flushing Queens right near the Unisphere, and I will be heading up a team of folks to facilitate the construction of a 33 foot wide recycled cardboard "Moonisphere", which will be at roughly the same scale as the unisphere, and coincidentally, at around the same scale distance away! It's going to be a great time and if you come, I'd love if you could pick up a utility knife and a glue gun to help us out.

Between composing video game music and planning for the wedding, I haven't had much time for projects, but here's some eye candy: the media shelf in my house, including DVD, VHS, SA-CD, CD, cassette, vinyl, card games, board games, video games, and lots of odds and ends. We are anti media-discrimination in this house, and utilize all this stuff regularly for our entertainment.
The Shelf of Media

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